The Gates of Judgment

In most cases, the souls of deceased mortals pass through the Nether under the careful watch of Death Shades. There, in the deepest shadows of the Nether, stand three gates, before which the dead are judged.

The gate on the left is the Maw of Damnation, a terrible entryway into the Pit shaped like a giant fiend's mouth. This gate will only open for wicked souls who have committed terrible deeds in their lives. No souls pass through the Maw willingly, but are said to be sucked in and consumed whole.

The gate in the center is the Way of Rebirth, a perfectly circular gate that appears as a vertical pool of water. This gate opens for souls who have done no great good or evil in their lives, or else have done them in equal share. Souls who pass through this gate are destroyed and fed back through the cycle of life to be reincarnated.

The gate on the right is the Path of Paradise, a glittering, silver stairway leading up to the Aether. This gate will only open for pure souls who have led virtuous lives. Souls who pass through this gate ascend to the Aetheric domain of their choosing, to live on in bliss.

It is said that no immortal holds sway over the gates, that they choose to open to a soul or not according to a will of their own. Sometimes, no gate will open, dooming the soul to wander the Nether. It is certain, however, that no soul who stands before the gates escapes their judgment, and no soul who passes through a gate ever returns.