The Seven Deaths

The Eternal Shade beheld the creations of his kin.
His heart filled with ice and his eyes filled with fire.
"As my brethren create life, I shall create death."
And lo, he brought unto the world the seven deaths.

The first was Age, who laid low the eldest.
The second was Famine, who slew the most wanting.
The third was Plague, who poisoned and sickened.
The fourth was Disaster, who burned the sky and shook the earth.
The fifth was Violence, who brought bloodshed and murder.
The sixth was Despair, who tormented the soul.

The six made their home in a wasteland of shadows.
And begat their own children, to ferry the dead.
Thence came the reapers, the Ashen Court's host.
To serve the six deaths and keep their laws.

At last, Etejeril spoke, "The seventh shall be the greatest,
He shall walk the world, and his coming shall bring the end."
And Dhuroscht was born, of darkness and hatred.
The final death to end all life.