Board of Directors

Sometimes referred to as "ownership," the Board are the owners of Living Action, Inc., the non-profit LLC that administers the Shards of Orn game. The Board is responsible for making business decisions, such as identifying duties and appointing officers to carry them out. Most, but not all, board members are also officers in charge of different aspects of the game. The Board consists of the following members:

Officers at Events

Officers are individuals tasked by the Board to be responsible for different aspects of the game. Officers may appoint and supervise staff members to serve as proxies in fulfilling their duties. The officers and staff members typically present at game events are detailed below.

Artistic Director: Brian LaFever

The Artistic Director is responsible for managing game content and scheduling. They review player-submitted stories, post the schedule prior to events, and coordinate game operations during events.


The Artistic Director supervises all narrators, as well as the following staff.

Disciplinary Officer: Brian LaFever

The Disciplinary Officer is responsible for arbitrating disciplinary issues.

Gamemaster: Thad Ward

The Gamemaster is responsible for communicating, revising, and training players on the game rules, as well as arbitrating rules disputes.


Head Medic: Rachel Webb

The Head Medic is responsible for ensuring player health and safety during game events.


House Manager: Jennifer Ward

The House Manager is responsible for posting game announcements, checking players in, and collecting game dues.


Location Manager: Kly Florence

The Location Manager is responsible for planning and announcing event dates, securing venues, coordinating with venue owners, and maintaining venues during and after events.


Prop Master: Kly Florence

The Prop Master is responsible for creating, purchasing, retrieving, storing, and inspecting props.


Webmaster: Thad Ward

The Webmaster is responsible for maintaining the live website and the LARP laptop. They prepare logistical materials before events, generate random treasure during events, and complete records-keeping after events.


Other Officers

Some officers serve purely business functions outside of game events. They are noted below.

Chairman: Nick Ward

The Chairman is responsible for announcing and conducting board meetings, as well as maintaining corporate records, such as meeting minutes, articles of incorporation, and bylaws.

Publicist: Rachel Webb

The Publicist is responsible for branding, marketing, and publicity. They interface with the media and lead initiatives to drive membership.

Treasurer: Rachel Webb

The Treasurer is responsible for collecting and disbursing game funds, as well as renewing the game's tax exempt status.