Shadow's End Cemetery

The Cemetery

On the edge of town, surrounded by a wrought-iron fence supported by stone columns, lies the town cemetery, where Jastrey's undertaker sees to the interment of its dead. An arched gate topped with a pair of weeping serathine statues serves as the only entrance or exit. A plaque next to the gate warns succinctly, "No visitors after sundown. No trespassing in the catacombs. No disturbing the graves. Violators will be killed on sight."

Beyond the gates lie stone paths leading through neat rows of burials. All manner of grave can be seen, from simple wooden markers to grand marble tombstones, sarcophagi and ossuaries, crypts and tombs, with plenty of empty room for new plots. Small hedges bound the nicer plots, while statues of reapers and gargoyles hold lanterns to light the path for visitors. A towering sycamore stands at the center, its unusually dark foliage casting a long shadow over the grounds. But for the occasional bouquet of flowers or doll upon a grave, it is a well-ordered place, with a somber, dignified air.

In a corner of the cemetery sits a granite mausoleum, its entrance fitted with a heavy oak door decorated in runes. This door leads down to the catacombs where the residents of the cemetery make their home. Varian, the cemetery's keeper, makes no secret that he and others study the dark art of necromancy within, a craft they put to use in service to the community collecting bodies and maintaining the cemetery.

Rules for Cemetery Residents

  • The bodies of citizens are to be treated with respect and interred with proper rites. Outlaws and monsters may be disposed of by other means.
  • Reasonable efforts are to be made to identify unknown bodies, inform next of kin, and relinquish the property of the dead to its rightful inheritors. Unclaimed property becomes the property of the cemetery.
  • Bodies and body parts are not to be used for decoration.
  • No animating beyond the confines of the cemetery, except to collect the bodies of the dead.
  • Undead are only to be created for labor or instruction, never violence, and only in limited duration or quantity.

Notes for Monsters

  • Ghostly Possession (Trap "Frenzy"): As soon as you try to damage the sanctum, you are affected by Frenzy. You can counter or apply immunity normally. This applies once per monster and resets if you rest.
  • Wailing Statues (Alarm): Assuming you get past the trap, you must ring the bell for 10 seconds as loudly as you can as soon as you start damaging the sanctum.
  • Warded Gate (Delayed Damage 5): It takes 10 minutes to damage this sanctum rather than five.

Level 19 Sanctum

Residents: Varian (Owner), Rex D Marksley, Poppy, Bianca
Value: 987.96


  • Alarm
  • Altar
  • Delayed Damage 5
  • Income 13
  • Library
  • Resupply
  • Room 8
  • Shop 10
  • Shrine 12
  • Stash
  • Trap "Frenzy"


Usable within arm's reach of the sanctum.
  • Self "Feign"


Usable by residents and guests.
  • Rest in 30 (Party)
  • Resurrection 50%
  • Spell "Imbue Element"
  • Spell "Phase"


  • Charm 6, Dust 6, Gold 6, Medicine 6, Poison 6, and Weapon 6