Pillar of Virtue

Tower Image

The Brotherhood Tower in Jastrey has a long and storied history to its name.  After losing its vault and foundation on the Second's Sixth of Arathost, and beset by fiends and ultimately sealed from entry on the Second's Seventh of Arathost, 5,732 NB, it was collapsed by Malkonius Stoneshield and Ikara on the First's Eighth of Suribatre, 5,733 NB in an attempt to stop the Theocracy incursion during Ressik's invasion of the shard.  Shattered in to rubble and dust, it was time to create a new home for the Docents, and a new Library for Jastrey.

The Pillar of Virtue is a grand tower located in the heart of Jastrey.  Home of the Docents and town Library, it is open as a sanctum to any who needs use of the knowledge it houses.  Alongside the many rare and otherwise classic books and scrolls it contains, the tower also includes a shrine to Thareon - kept by his first and owner of the Pillar of Virtue, Malkonius Stoneshield.  The magical nature of the tower bestoys upon its residents and guests several boons representative of the studies that take place within. 

On the Third's Tenth of Suribatre, 5,734 NB, a section of the tower was dedicated to cartography and art at the request of a new member of the Docents and resident of the Pillar of Virtue, Penny Alidade.  Shortly after, at the request of Ikara, construction of an observatory atop the tower began on the Second's Eleventh of Gephirel, 5,734 NB.

Level 10 Sanctum

Residents: Malkonius Stoneshield (Owner), DelKey NahTey, Behula "Bea", Penny Alidade
Value: 337.79



Usable within arm's reach of the sanctum.
  • Ritual "Recover"


Usable by residents and guests.
  • Self "Seek"
  • Spoken "Burst Imbue Element"