The Blood Bears have chosen to emerge from their forest hideaway and begin constructing a grand mead hall on the shores of Lake Jastrey: Jhorvagr. The property also shows evidence of plans for a modest pier. Two black banners sporting the red bear claw of the guild flank the entrance, a tree can be seen protruding from the roof, and a deck with a firepit juts from the rear of the building. Inside, the bears are hard at work constructing workshops and accommodations for each brother and sister. Gone are the days of walking into the woods and shouting for a Blood Bear.


Walking through the grand entrance, guests enter upon a wooden walkway that circles the entirety of the hall with apartments along the outside and a sunken dining area in the center with large tables, benches, and small fire pits. In the back left corner is a large maple tree with branches full of planters and a hammock. Above the door to each apartment is a sigil denoting the occupant. Large, wrought iron chandeliers hang down the center of the hall with candles that are never consumed. The Blood Bears are moving up but show no sign of losing their rugged flavor.


Any who are welcomed through the doors of Jhorvagr are expected to follow the first two rules of the guild and are shown the same courtesy: Do not steal from a Bear and do not harm a Bear.

Level 10 Sanctum

Residents: Kresh (Owner), Shrayvar, Sky Leonhardt, Ser Garen the Resilient, Kejing, Valindra
Value: 300.03


  • Alarm
  • Room 8
  • Stash


Usable by residents and guests.
  • Resurrection 50%


  • Element 2, Gem 6, Gold 1, Herb 1, Infusion 1, Medicine 5, Metal 6, Poison 3, Toxin 3, and Weapon 6