Claudia's Cottage

Set at the edge of Jastrey, within sight of the majestic Warren of Avaren, sits a small, neat stone cottage nestled in among the trees. A cobblestone pathway, lined with colorful flowers and plants, leads from the dusty Jastrian road to the front door. A small black and white cat prowls among the various gardens that spot the green lawn. A small pile of white stones, upon which an Eternal Flame burns brightly in honor of Avaren, is the most prominent feature of the yard.

Level 9 Sanctum

Residents: Claudia von Markham Thistru (Owner), Abell
Value: 264.45


  • Alarm
  • Delayed Damage 1
  • Income 8
  • Reduced Damage 1
  • Resupply
  • Room 2
  • Shrine of Avaren 1
  • Trap "Pin 2"


  • Herb 6, Medicine 6, Poison 6, Tool 1, and Toxin 5