The Brokn Noz

A well maintained stone building sits on the outside of Jastrey.  Smoke billowing from the chimney as the sounds of music and laughter filter out of the golden glow of the windows.  A badly painted sign pronounces this building as the Brokn Noz.  A smaller sign underneath proclaims the property as "Accorded Neutral Territory" on a handsome set of gray boards.  Above the din you hear the sounds of the owner barking orders to the staff, making sure the patrons are well taken care of. 

Go to the Noz, have a pint, and wait for everything to blow over.  Cheers!

Home of The Crucible! The first open fighting arena where weapons are chosen at random and the fights are fierce!

Level 8 Sanctum

Residents: Onyx Twinaxe (Owner), A. Bandit, Fooker
Value: 238.11


  • Income 8
  • Resupply
  • Room 5
  • Shop 5
  • Shrine 6
  • Stash
  • Trap "Pin 2"


Usable within arm's reach of the sanctum.
  • Slay "Burst Heal 1"