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The Neojinn result, either directly or manifesting generations later, from the union of Djinn and human parents. Whether Air or Earth type, ties to their ancestors afford them great fortitude. Appearing humanoid, they are easily distinguished by the facial coloring that all Neojinn feature.


Rather than replacing worn/damaged costumes, the Neojinn patch or darn their clothing.

Exaggerated eye shadow up to the eyebrows and stripes of that color on both cheeks.

[Racial features for Air Neojinn are grey in color, Earth Neojinn brown in color]

  • Exaggerated eye shadowing up to brows.
  • Facial [cheek] stripes. 
  • Tousled hair.
  • Some may have pointed ears
  • Some older Neojinn have crystals growing from their foreheads, growing larger as time passes.

They result, either directly or manifesting generations later, from the union of Djinn and human parents. Ties to their elemental ancestors afford them great fortitude. The Air Neojinn, being wispy and agile, make them a target that  is difficult to connect fully with and their cousins the Earth Neojinn stand fast against onslaughts, absorbing much of the blow with their hard bodies.

All the members of this race, though destined for greatness, were shunned as children, and most have no contact with parents beyond their first five years of life. Being left to themselves has made them arrogantly superior and disdainful.

Though greatness is ahead for them, Neojinn do not retain most of their ancestors' abilities. The major control and influence that the Djinn had, has deteriorated to the mere ability to slow people's movements for a short period. The most significant strength the Neojinn have is their fortitude, as it it difficult to hit the air type and difficult to damage the earth type Neojinn.

They are all sterile, never able to create offspring themselves. For this reason their numbers have never been many. They are always on the lookout for an abandoned infant who shows signs of the Neojinn heritage.

Air Neojinn often speak in a quiet, breathy voice and are always on the move staying in one place for only a short time. Some exceptions to this rule have been noted, but even those individuals tend to be restless. Spending time behind closed doors or some confining place calms their bodies but causes unrest within their minds. It is at these times they are more dangerous and mood swings abound.

Earth Neojinn often speak in a deep, baritone voice and have taken to spending time underground where they are most comfortable. Friends of the Dwarves, they gained knowledge of mining, but do so with great reverence to the stone they move. Venturing above ground brings out the worst in them, not always evil, but self serving with little apathy toward others.


Soon after the time of the Shattering, a few of the ancient Djinn, upon noticing that their numbers were dwindling, curtailed their feeding on humans and began to mate with them. While experiencing euphoric hallucinations, these human victims became hosts for the Djinn's offspring. This practice by the Djinn soon ended when it seemed the unions were unsuccessful.

However, over the generations to come, dormant genes expressed themselves and the Neojinn came into existence. These babies were shunned and often destroyed. A few, however, drew the attention of kind-hearted souls who raised them as their own. The young Neojinn proved to be too much to handle and often were pushed out of their new homes as well: a practice that has now become a tradition. Because of this, very few Neojinn can be found.

A true history of the Neojinn does not exist. Catch one in a good mood and great stories of their past will be told, but rarely will you hear the same story re-told with same association of facts.



The Neojinn are divided into two sub-races:

  • The Air Neojinn
  • The Earth Neojinn

Due to the migrant and often anti-social nature of the Neojinn no set governing body was ever developed. The 'I know what is best for me' attitude is their most prevalent and personal governing mantra for the Neojinn.

They are solitary by nature, do not take mates or seek out love, only diverting from this trait when caring for a young, newly born Neojinn. This pairing of young and old only last a few short years. After about five years the younger Neojinn sets off to find its own way.

Groupings larger than two Neojinn are unheard of, in record or stories.


Air Neojinn prefer open lands to cities and do not stay long in one place. Their moods change as dramatically as the weather, from calm to stormy, doing so as quick as a lightening strike. They tend to be full of themselves and are risk takers. Often speaking with breathy words, they use games to demonstrate dominance and never turn down an offer of chance.

Earth Neojinn have spent much time in caves and tunnels and have an aversion to direct sunlight. They settle differences with weapons, play games with weapons, sleep with weapons... They are loyal friends until crossed and will never commute punishment for such a betrayal. 

The two differing types of Neojinn have never been cohorts. Any time spent in the presence of one another is strained and often painful for those of other races around them. The Neojinn hold something innate that keeps them from attacking their cousins. This conflict within is likely to be expressed violently toward any guiltless soul in the immediate area.


Though born in this plane of existence they are viewed as outsiders. They see themselves as being above other races.

Air Neojinn hold Faries, fae, and faun in high regard enjoying their playful nature, even if often destructive. It is the attitude which it is done in that delights the Neojinn. Dwarves and their shameless avoidance of open spaces makes them untrustworthy to the Air Neojinn.

Earth Neojinn respect all dwarves and though fights between them do occur they tend to see eye to eye and hold many of the same values. Faries, fae, faun and the like irritate the Earth Neojinn and meeting between them cannot be expected to go well.


Air Neojinn: The wandering free spirit makes Ivelis the only one of immortals perfect enough for the Air Neojinn to squelch their own arrogance long enough to revere.

Earth Neojinn: Revered Espidral as an ancient earth elemental, choosing to revere Imphalios when he assumed Espidral's mantel.  Others turned to Githal, whose militaristic leanings helped to keep their more evil tendencies in check


The Air Neojinn's wander lust naturally caused them to lust after adventure. Other rationality for joining an adventure include the stories of grandeur they write for themselves along the way. Their willingness to take risks combined with their great fortitude make them perfect for scouting or rogue positions within any party of adventurers.

The Earth Neojinn's strength, love of weapons and great fortitude make these genuine strong men fit nicely out in front of a group of adventurers, taking on the brunt of any flack the party encounters. Driven out of their earthy homes by their need to seek those who have yet witnessed their personal greatness.


Air Neojinn:

'Where the winds may take us.' - Referring to the unknown chance of things.

'Hold onto your hat!' - The last thing you hear from an Air Neojinn before a battle.

'Breath of a babe.' - Disrespectful phrase used to describe one who is weak or unwilling to take on a risk.

Earth Neojinn:

'Gather no moss.' - A departing phrase reminding friends to accomplish things daily.

'Ready to rumble!' - Signifies the anticipation of a fight.

'Lost his stones.' - Derision elicited by a Neojinn acting cowardly.