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Humans have existed in Orn before the Age of Ascension, and they are the most prominent and diverse race among the Shards. 


Humans require no additional costuming but may not wear the unique costuming of other races. (Ex. Feathers in hair, white sprayed hair/ wigs, fake ears,etc.)


Humans live in all manner of places and lifestyles. They are the backbone of many societies proving to be an excellent work force, economic factor, military force, religious body, and, in few cases, royal families. 

Humans reach maturity at the age of 18 and live to about the age of 90 with no magical assistance. They also range in size from 5 feet to 7 feet tall with diverse proportions of weight.

Humans cannot be shoved into any one type of alignment as they often do not have a majority of concurrent opinions, and are often thought of as neutral as a whole.  



Human history is sprinkled all over the shards. These tales are not central to Humans but instead are those of prominence for certain areas and persons.

  • The earliest record of Human involvement is that of the Human kingdom of Goria during the Age of Ascension. The angori Arimir, now ascended, united the scattered tribes, and waged war against the kingdom of man. His war march was only stopped by the construction of the Great Gate, by King Arvast the Gatekeeper. The ruins of Goria, now weathered over time, can be found standing in Angor.
  • Legends tell of a Gold Coast Corsair by the name of Atrius Bloodbrand who was known for his cruel and violent tendencies. Atrius Bloodbrand pillaged the coast for many years until his crew started a coup against the captain. This event ended with the sinking of his ship, the Lucky Dice, and the slaughter of his mutinous crew. As he sank into the sea it is said that the waters around Atrius Bloodbrand grew red from all of the blood. This was the origin of the dread sword Blood Tide.
  • Brellin was the city of men. Before the Shattering, the immortal Ressik controlled the town. During the Shattering  his grip loosened, and an influx of other races and crime spread into the town and surrounding area. High crime lead to the assassination of the lord of Brellin and his only heir. The town and surrounding area was recaptured recently by the army of Ressik who impose martial law and the church of Ressik on the inhabitants.
  • Before the Ascendant Age the clans of Upper Metsar were pitted in an unending war until one man, Shimosh Rosequartz, united them with a generation of knights. From this Huel Vor was birthed with an era of chivalry. Now Huel Vor resided as the largest kingdom in all of the Shards and the home of the paladin order the Crystal Fists.

Due to the large number of lineages many Humans will refer to their home shards to give context to introductions. Many follow suit to each shard's personality, but Humans are not easily predictable, and this is not always the best measure of character.

Rica- May of those hailing from Rica are hardy, seafaring folk, both merchant and pirate. The shard's vast seas means most Humans from Rica have some affinity for and affiliation with the waters.

Sirison- Those hailing from the desert shard of Sirison tend towards having a traveler's spirit, being merchants, or nomads. They find solace in exploring, trading, and celebrating. Many have strong ties with Ixifar through the nature of Sirison's trade network. 

Tarkalsys- The people of Tarkalsys live depressing lives among the swamp. Many flee in hopes of finding a better life. Those that stay do so in depravity or as a member of the army of Ressik.

Upper Metsar- With the light of the Crystal Fists constantly shining upon Upper Metsar many who come from this shard reflect their light. Chivalry and valor surge from the shard and with it great heros and heroines.

Lower Metsar- Humans from Lower Metsar are known to be mistrusting and hold prejudice against other races. Even with these traits they are not afraid of socializing; they merely are slow to companionship.

Glesmyr- Glesmyr yields the hardiest of all Humans. The frigid cold and deadly snowstorms shape those in Glesmyr from birth. 

Sardia- Sometimes referred to as Ressik's shard, this shard is controlled heavily by the Church of Ressik. Humans unsympathetic of the church might leave to be free from the church's grip, but those who follow Ressik might join his army.

Jastrey- The Humans of Jastrey have experienced more strange phenomena than any other group of Humans. Many blame proximity to the Nexus, but whatever the cause not much surprises them anymore.

Other Shards- Humans exist on all shards for all reasons. They may hail from anywhere with diverse personalities and reasons for existence.



Human groups cannot be organized into neat categories, but the main social unit that governs all of Human society is the family. A family is any amount of people more than one and is comprised of two categories: parents and children. Parents care for children when children are young, and children care for parents when they are old. A family is not dictated by this, but these are the roles when both categories are present.

The largest human conglomerate in present history is the church of Ressik. Though the Immortal's official dogma centers primarily on the value and enforcement of law and order, the red and white have become synonymous with human supremacy. The army of Ressik is primarily a human force, but it is unknown whether the population or the racial preference solidified first. 


Humans do not have a single culture, but instead have adapted cultures from their places of origin and visited locations.


The Human race is like a library; each book is different from the other. They might be about the same subject, but it is impossible to judge the Human race. They are seen as nothing more than Humans to every race except one.

Angori- Due to the war for Angor, previously the Human kingdom of Goria, it is not uncommon for Angori and Humans to combat in honor duels. There is little serious hostility between the two, but there is a tendency toward combat.



Ivelis- Many sailors and merchants find comfort in praying to the immortal of travelers. 

Arimir- Due to the conflict in Angor, previously the Human kingdom of Goria, some Humans avoid the Hammer of War. Others, those with a fighting spirit, might find favor with Arimir.

Ressik- The supreme lawgiver has great favor for Humans. The army and church of Ressik supposedly crusade for the Human race.

Lemesin- Those Humans pledged as a knight of the Crystal Fists fight in the name of the Shinning Knight.

Secronus- Humans of Jastrey have a great disdain for the lord of secrets. His constant assault on the town greatly effects their lives in a negative way.




There are Humans trained in every trick, trade, and talent known through out Orn.


"Oh great the adventurers are back safe." - A sarcastic phrase the Humans of Jastrey say when adventures return to town.