Submitted by Josh J. on Thu, 2/2/2017 at 4:07pm

The Efreet (singular: Efreeti; feminine Efreeta) are the humanoid embodiment of fire. Fickle, fervent, and festive, they tend to lead erratic but fulfilling lifestyles. For those interested in a passionate character who puts their whole heart behind their beliefs, Efreet is the race for you. 


Efreet appear quite humanoid, but with certain distinguishing features. Minimum costuming for Efreet requires prominent red or orange shading or tribal patterning on one's face.

Efreet typically enjoy wearing bright colors and lavish amounts of jewelry, regardless of gender. This is suggested attire, but by no means required.


Efreet physically embody the element of fire, and this is prominently reflected in their personalities. They typically adopt the "shoot first" mindset, preferring to take action over discussion or strategy. For this reason, many inhabitants of Orn see all Efreet as inherently violent. However, this is not altogether true. While violence is the most efficient manifestation of an Efreeti's inward fiery passion, many Efreet find balance through intense training, through art and culture, or even through passionate love-making. Nevertheless, some Efreet simply give way to their violent tendencies. 


Efreet are essentially anomalies of flame cast out by the Maelstrom. Even the Efreet themselves are unsure of the specifics of their origins. Some speculate that some unfortunate souls become wayward upon corporeal death, and wander into the Maelstrom instead of facing adjudication at the Gates of Judgement. Others believe that Efreet souls come from powerful sorcerers who reached a bit too far into the Maelstrom in search of power. Whatever the truth may be, Efreet are borne into the world through fire; infants are discovered in the smoldering remains of great fires. 


Due to the spontaneous nature of their birth, Efreet families are all but nonexistent. The fortunate infants are discovered, adopted, and raised by well-meaning families. Others are plucked away by Reapers or other malevolent beings to be molded into instruments of death. Many are never discovered at all, perishing soon after their birth. 


On the rare occasion that two or more Efreet find each other in the world, they are sure to be fast and inseparable friends. The Efreet have difficulty organizing themselves, so these associations become fraternal more than anything else. These partnerships usually prove troublesome for civilized areas, however, since an Efreeti's compulsive behavior is usually compounded around others of his race. 


Efreet most often adopt the values and customs of those that raised them. However, Efreet almost always tend to lead active lives of compulsion. They are quick to anger, and quick to trust. They learn quickly but sporadically, and love working with their hands, taking up crafting professions and musical instruments with relative ease. They are prone to habits of excess, including drug use, drinking, and hypersexuality. Efreet are passionate and active, and find it difficult to settle down in a single place. 


The Efreet enjoy meeting new people of almost all walks of life, and are attracted to beauty and power. Efreet especially enjoy the company of the carefree Dwarves. They respect the Elves and Empyreans for their inherent beauty, and tolerate Angori just fine. They are wary of Uuordeq, who the Efreet believe are all on some secret team against everyone else. 


Efreet tend to shy away from the more "uptight" immortals such as Lemesin, Thareon, and Hexadus. They find Arimir to be somewhat unrefined, yet respect his strength and resolve. Many take to Syflare or Ivelis, and the newly-ascended Kragg has been met with adoration by the Efreet.


Efreet love the thrill of adventure. Venturing out in search of fame, love, and wealth is something that many Efreet will attempt during their lives. Naturally, they find it easy to manipulate flame, and as such become sorcerers. Others take up the blade quickly, preferring roguish archetypes (most don't believe in fighting fair). Efreet healers and theurges are practically unheard of, but one may occasionally come across a bard. 


Since Efreet are so widespread and solitary, they have no vernacular of their own. However, they tend to have outgoing senses of humor, and will take every opportunity to make light of a situation, no matter how dark or dire. Many Efreet also have a propensity for making awful puns about heat or fire.