Oracles are privileged disciples of Banekeril who have been allowed to drink deep from the River of Ages, thereby attaining sight out of time. In addition to lesser precognitive abilities, oracles sometimes receive visions of the future.


It is a mystery how the Oarsman of the Ages chooses those destined to become oracles. Some seem to have the gift from birth, while others go on pilgrimages to remote locations sacred to the banesages in the hopes of proving themselves worthy. Based on past selections, Banekeril seems to hold wisdom, mental resilience, and knowledge of history in high regard, for the visions of an oracle are not kind to the weak-minded.

Those chosen to be oracles drink deep from the River of Ages and return to the mortal realm changed. Through them, Banekeril reveals important events to the world. It is the oracle's role to bear the weight of these prophecies and spread the word as much as possible. Because of this, few oracles fraternize, preferring to find their own territories so they might share Banekeril's omens with those who might not otherwise hear them.

Wherever they settle, oracles are much sought-after for their counsel. Many establish grand temples where influential locals make contributions in the hopes that Banekeril will grace the oracle with a vision about them. By their very nature, oracles have a limited ability to prognosticate at will, and may offer such services like many seers. Their visions, however, are blinding moments of future truth granted by the Oarsmen himself, and so beyond their direct control.

Narrative Ability

To become an oracle, you must:

  • Have a Forecast narrative ability in your build (not from treasure)
  • Have a Seek combat ability with the Free modifier
  • Undertake a pilgrimage to a remote location sacred to the banesages of Banekeril, prove yourself worthy, and drink from the River of Ages

Oracles are sensitive to the vicissitudes of fate. They must avoid coming into physical contact with the dead, including dead characters, the undead, or even in-play meat. This extends to actions such as attacking, searching, healing by touch, or slaying. Doing so repeatedly risks permanently clouding the seer's visions of the future.

In addition, oracles may be stricken with visions of future events. These visions are often vague or open to interpretation and may leave the oracle in pain, unconscious, blind, crippled, or otherwise afflicted for a short time. Visions and their negative effects can be resisted, but doing so often will likewise put the oracle's vision in jeopardy.