Faith: 197.74

Played by: TreyMay

Followers: Poppy (Ordained), Goose Igaly (Ordained), Delvin, Liona ThunderCaller, Penny Alidade, and Portabella Shiitake Crimini Follow

Shrines: Goose's Home

Change is freedom. Change is chaos. Change is life. The smallest change can have the greatest impact. Those seeking to bring change to themselves and the world follow Trey. The appearance of Trey depends on his mood and agenda. Yet he is always represented by a winged delta breaking through chains.


True to their nature, Trey’s life before Jastrey are mysterious. The ‘Gard’s aspect was a gnome, yet no gnome community has a record of a Treygard Maynard. ‘Skip’s life as cambion makes any research futile. A decade of ‘Lorn’s life was taken due to jealousy. One thing is known for certain:They worshipped the Immortal Muralakrum through their actions. From agents of good to liberators of unwilling weapons. From Chained to explorers of the Beyond. Their curiosity had one rule. Never be still! Never be pinned down! The aftermath of The Battle for Magic saw Trey taking Muralakrum place of the embodiment of chaos and change.

Trey is on neutral to good terms with the Second Ascendants. Ironically, he refuses to call them by their Ascendant names. As former members of the New Dawn, Avaren and Thareon, remain allies against injustice. Kragg keeps Trey at arm’s length due to their unsavory actions as mortals. Trey’s unpredictability leaves Kelavaros in quiet exasperation. Trey actively and maliciously  opposes Ressik and Hexadus. Secronus and Hursisa pique his curiosity.


Order and law are the weapons of stagnation. To embrace change and chaos is to live free.  Break any bond that limits your freedom to transform. Whether it be light as a feather or as heavy as a chain.

Followers and Temples:

As mercurial as their Immortal, followers of Trey do not have a universal way of worship. However, three sects have gained notoriety.

The Lornites or Educators believe that ignorance is the greatest hindrance to change. Hoarding of information is a sin in their eyes. They seek and distribute any and all knowledge.To them knowledge is neither good nor evil.  Schools and cultural centers are their temples. Often in company of Avaren’s and Thareon’s priests, they wear purple and green robes. The robes are often left open, declaring they have no secrets to hide.

The Gardians or Agitators directly oppose authoritarianism. Labeling themselves as freedom fighters, they are seen by most governments as anarchists. The Gardians believe in change on a collective scale, rather than personal. To them change equals action,usually in the form of revolutions. They are easily identified by bright purple soft felt caps.  

The Skipicans or Individualits declare that one’s self is the only worth changing. Transformation is unique to each being. Society’s customs and laws are only a suggestion. This sect is popular among outcasts and Muralakrum’s former followers. As any formal organization is frowned upon, these believers are difficult to spot.