Symbol of Thareon

Faith: 202.58

Played by: Thad

Followers: Malkonius Stoneshield (Ordained), Yeou Weylyn (Ordained), Dumas Horacio Tiberius Armando Bautautun, and Thomnlyn the Compassionate Follow

Shrines: Pillar of Virtue, The Enclave, and Veiled Keep

Truth is the first virtue, from which all other good springs. Those who seek it look to Thareon, the North Star, for guidance. He appears as a glowing empyrean clad in blue robes and chain mail.


Thareon was born as the empyrean Thalenir Lestral, son of Kessek Lestral, leader of the Berylline Syndicate famed for charting the leylines upon which Orn later shattered. Tales tell of how he made his home in the town of Jastrey, fought the ancient drake (and later dracolich) Skorch, attempted high magic on multiple occasions, opposed the incursions of Secronus, swore an oath as a Knight of the Crystal Fist, wielded Lemesin's sword Fiendfrayer, and fought the fiend lord Drak to rescue his lady love, Haven Melrose, who later ascended as the immortal Avaren. It is said he apprenticed with Drakerim before the Keeper of the Flame was slain by Secronus, and assumed Drakerim's station upon ascending as Thareon.

Thareon has deep ties with Avaren and Kragg, who he knew in his mortal life. As a former Knight of the Crystal Fist and fellow patron of paladins, he also maintains an alliance with Lemesin. Although he claims not to be Drakerim's reincarnation, Banekeril and Muralakrum have acknowledged him as the new leader of the Forsynteril. Whether he retains Drakerim's alliances with Arimir or Thrinik, however, remains to be seen. Thareon is specifically opposed to Secronus and his alter ego Ressik, who he fought on several occasions as a mortal. He is also at odds with Hexadus after depriving the Queen of Chains of several captives shortly after his ascension.


Only by seeking the truth of the world can you come to find the truth within yourself. Study at the feet of the masters, that knowledge may be your left hand. See the world for yourself, that wisdom may be your right. Keep the peace wherever you walk. Speak the truth with every breath. Wield the gift of magic with care, and stand vigilant against those who twist it to wicked ends. Ever may the heavens guide your path.

Followers and Temples

Thareon's priesthood is split into two groups: The keepers and the seekers. The keepers, former devotees of Drakerim, practice the old ways, dressing in simple robes of blue or gray and serving as counselors and teachers from within cloistered libraries. The seekers, a new faction risen since Thareon's ascension, dress in robes of blue trimmed in silver and take their devotions beyond the walls of their studies. Some serve the truth of the land as constables or magistrates. Others seek to uncover new truth through magical research. Still others act as astrologers, seeking truth in the heavens themselves.

The two groups coexist harmoniously, often going so far as to share the same temples. All such places follow a similar aesthetic, with devotion being secondary to the function of the structure. In addition to the schools and libraries of the keepers, seekers may be found in courthouses, laboratories, observatories, and monasteries. Some show their reverence beneath the stars themselves, walking the world in search of the most elusive truths.