Knowledge shared by everyone has power over no one. So whisper those devoted to Secronus, who revere his legacy as a testament to the power of secrets. Secronus appears as a human with long, black hair clad in robes of black and green.


Secronus is by far the youngest of the Ornish Immortals, having ascended well after the Ascendant Age during the Shunning of the Magicks. Despite his secretive nature, his origins as a mortal warlock named Secronus Darkmere are fairly well-known. According to history, he served as a member of the Silver Council upon its collapse, subsequently founding a secret society named the Sons of Secronus. His actions in the following centuries remain a mystery, however, and many speculate that he must have learned the secret of immortality itself.

As a member of the Forsynteril, Secronus is subservient to Drakerim. It is said that he holds his fellow Immortal Banekeril begrudged, perhaps because Banekeril is privy to secrets that Secronus himself can never know. Because his followers are not above dabbling in diablerie, the Master of Shrouds is often at odds with Lemesin. He was, however, allied with Thirsife, and it is said the two are co-conspirators in intrigues on a monumental scale.

Exactly what became of Secronus following the Shattering remains a mystery. Some stories implicate him in the world's collapse, although these are little more than unsubstantiated hearsay. Other stories suggest that he shared the same fate as his master Drakerim. Perhaps the most paranoid whisper that Secronus merely used the Shattering as an opportunity to conceal himself from the world, and that he now operates in total secrecy from all but his most trusted Sons.


Secrets are the keys to power. Seek them out and covet them as your own. Extort your knowledge of others to gain influence over them. Conceal your identity and your allegiances, lest they be used against you. Speak only in whispers and riddles, for the ears of your enemies are many.

Followers and Temples

Although the Sons of Secronus are generally believed to have died out after the Shattering, they remain active to this day as a mystery cult devoted to their Immortal founder. Followers of Secronus bear no title or distinction, preferring to masquerade as followers of other immortals, particularly Atrazius or Tenaebrus. The Sons of Secronus, however, are still capable of identifying one another thanks to an array of esoteric hand signals and code phrases.

Like his followers, temples devoted to Secronus are always concealed in some way. Hidden cellars and false buildings are most common,  Temple ceremonies are usually performed at night. Congregations are always small, rarely numbering more than a dozen or so, due to shared paranoia, and most members are magically bound to secrecy upon initiation.