The only universal constant is change. Those who embrace this truth revere Muralakrum, an enigmatic immortal devoted to the essence of transformation. On the rare occasion that Muralakrum chooses to assume a recognizable form, he appears as a heavily robed figure wearing a featureless mask.


Few immortals in Orn are so shrouded in mystery as Muralakrum. Accounts of his following predate the Ascendant Age, although most scholars agree that his subservience to Drakerim indicates that his age is finite. Beyond that, his origins are highly debatable. Those who revere him claim that Muralakrum wanders Orn, adopting one form after the next on some errand that can only be understood by the mad. The only reliable account of his interaction in mortal affairs is as a great drake during the Ascendant Age, when it is said that he did battle with Githal prior to his ascendancy.

As an almost unknowable entity, Muralakrum has few alliances with the other immortals of Orn. He owes allegiance to Drakerim as one of the Forsynteril, but has no apparent connection with Banekeril or Secronus. Despite his legendary conflict with Githal, the two immortals bear no particular avarice for one another.


Being is changing; that which does not change ceases to be. Embrace transformation as the greatest truth of existence and cast aside the gross distinctions of form. Do not shackle yourself to a stationary or static way of life. Seek out the infinite variety of the world. Only when you cease to be as you are will you truly transform.

Followers and Temples

The mystery cult of Muralakrum is a loosely organized association of vagrants who wander Orn in various guises, each seeking transformation in their own way. Some assume multiple identities or trades, while more powerful followers practice transformational magics. No doctrine, title, or form of reverence unites the followers of Muralakrum, although it is said that each recognizes and respects his fellows no matter their form.

Similarly, temples of Muralakrum share no distinct form. Most are mobile or temporary and may be housed in such places as wagons, tents, or ships. Services performed at these shrines vary widely between individual followers or even individual observations. Such is the nature of Muralakrum, and it is whispered that any manner of consistent, organized reverence in his name draws down the ire of his many nameless followers.