Revered by all who devote their lives to defending the innocent, Lemesin is the quintessential protector of the realm. He appears as a knight of noble bearing clad in glistening plate mail atop his mighty white warhorse. It is this image of the Shining Knight that most in his following attempt to emulate in their quest to defend the good folk of Orn.


The earliest historical accounts of Lemesin speak of a human paladin named Shimosh Rosequartz who ruled over a vast kingdom in Upper Metsar during the Ascendant Age. Unmatched in both strength of arms and tenacity of will, Shimosh quested throughout the land battling fiends and villains. As his fame grew among the commoners, so to did his enmity with the minions of the dark Immortals. In a climactic battle, the evils that Shimosh had vanquished time and again rose up as one to destroy him. But the paladin’s spirit could not be broken, and he continued to fight on long after his body had expired. At last all of his foes lay dead at his feet, and Shimosh vanished from mortal reckoning for a time. He returned some years later, close to the end of the Ascendant Age, as the immortal Lemesin.

Since ascending to immortality, Lemesin has forged numerous relationships with the other immortals of Orn. He is strongly allied with Istensia, who shepherds the innocents who Lemesin seeks to defend. Due to their mutual respect for honorable combat, Lemesin is also allied with Githal, although they differ strongly in terms of aesthetics. Of all the good immortals, Lemesin is the most strongly opposed to Dhuroscht, and the two have done furious battle on many occasions.


The world is filled with villains and tyrants who, if left unchecked, would destroy all that is good and pure in the world. Oppose them wherever they appear. Protect the innocent from their ravages. Pay no quarter to fiends or those with whom they consort. Do not suffer a challenge to go unanswered or an injustice to go unpunished. Though your enemies may not, always live and fight with honor.

Followers and Temples

Followers of Lemesin, formally referred to as Valiants, favor the colors red and gold. They tend to be very particular about the care of their arms and armor, and often wear their mail only when it is well-oiled and polished to a shine. Many Valiants travel the countryside seeking evil to vanquish, although an equal number establish temples in large cities and charge themselves with the protection of the realm.

Temples devoted to Lemesin are often decorated with heroic artwork and usually feature a stable of some sort. Potential Valiants and paladins are welcomed as comrades and trained freely. Asylum is always extended to those who wish it until the side of justice can be determined with certainty.