Faith: 231.31

Played by: KingNasher

Followers: Hidden Follow

Shrines: Hidden

In the darkest corner of one's worst nightmares is where Khulzan chooses to roam. With golden stitches, he appears as your own vision of true beauty, with no form being the seen the same from person to person. The only consistencies being a piercing red eye, a golden left hand, and a right arm of the blackest onyx.


Before Khulzan ascended to the ranks of the Immortals, he was first created as a lowly riven bound in cruel servitude by the same name. While the details of his creation have been lost to time to all but a select few, what is commonly known is he escaped his bonds, and threw his slave name away to take on his new moniker, Pelle Carne. He was widely known for his artistic, if not gruesome, manner of replacing his body parts regularly to create what he saw as a "True Masterpiece in Flesh". He would search for the most beautiful of parts and organs, never accepting anything average or mundane. It was this pursuit that led the riven to search for body parts once owned by other immortals: The Left Hand of Mynra, The Right Arm of Lemesin, The Eye of Thirsife, and the Heart of Dhuroscht. It was the combination of these immortal pieces that caused the once lowly riven, to ascend as Khulzan, King of Nightmares and Emperor of Beauty.

He once had a close relationship to Correlus Undertow, now ascended immortal Kelvaros. Together, they traveled the shards, first as pirates and then as partners. Upon arriving to Jastrey, they quickly began to part ways, developing a heated rivalry that persists in ascension. Before ascension, the riven also began and led The Temple of the Black Flame and proselytized the name of Etejeril, Immortal of Death. Khulzan is currently at odds with Lemesin and his paladin Order of the Crystal Fist, of whom he stole the legendary sword Lightbringer and corrupted into the new blade, Dream Reaver. 


Beauty is everything and none is more beautiful than that of Khulzan. While you may never reach his visage, you shall strive to realize your own beauty at all costs. For the Beautiful are powerful, and Power is everything.

Followers and Temples

The followers of Khulzan do so out of a madness and desire for ultimate perfection, even if perfection is unattainable and maddening. Khulzan’s followers diverge into two very distinct sects: The Pristine and the Reavers. The Pristine are self-realized missionaries of Khulzan who draw followers to his cult through their own twisted elegance and charm. They tend to be Seers who travel the Nightmare Lands frequently and whom take pleasure in enchanting and enslaving the hearts of the masses. The Reavers are those who are, often times, deformed or grotesque who see Khulzan as a gateway to elegance. They kidnap and murder those who are seen as beautiful, and sacrifice the stolen faces in Khulzan’s name as a sick way to curry favor with the immortal. 

Due to the nature of the worship, their temples and shrines tend to be created in secret where unworthy eyes will not find them. However, their grim practices are not restricted to these stowed away fetishes and it is not unheard of to bear witness to one of these rituals in full view of the public, spreading the name of Khulzan far and wide.

Within the Astral, in the Kingdom of Nightmares, it is said that Khulzan has his own army of devout Horrors and Night Terrors, of whom he releases into the dreaming of the living. And among those, he keeps his own circle of dark Lieutenants of which he molded personally by his own hands.