The name of Hexadus is feared and reviled throughout most of Orn. It is spoken only by those who would seek dominion over others. The Queen of Chains appears as a beautiful Human woman of noble stature, clad in regal dress of ancient Sirison. She is garbed in blue and white, decorated with obsidian and gold with chain and scale motifs, wielding a crook and flail.



While Hexadus is known and feared by many, less known is the name of the mortal who would ascend as the Queen of Chains: Asar. With the fall of Kalf-Gi and the relatively few scholars who can even decipher the Tuurgen U’aat, the history of Asar has almost been lost to the sands of Sirison. The eldest daughter of Nakhtnebef, Asar became pharaoh of Kalf-Gi after his death during the period now referred to as the Last Dynasty, which began in the Age of Ascension and continued into the Vedrischtal. On the other side of Orn, the human kingdoms of Goria were locked into a war for survival with Arimir, the Hammer of War.

Desperate, one kingdom sought to become a vassal of Kalf-Gi. Pharaoh Asar was meeting with the king to accept their request when the Angori tribes attacked. As Arimir interrupted their negotiations, Asar ordered the king to surrender; he accused her of being in league with the Angori, and attacked her. Narrowly avoiding his attack, the otherwise unarmed Asar choked the king to death with a golden chain, and then surrendered the kingdom to Arimir herself. Arimir, struck by her beauty, and her assassination of the king, was captivated by her. So Asar became not only the pharaoh of Kalf-Gi, but consort to the ruler of Goria, now called Angor.

Asar enjoyed the adulation of the Angori as well as her own people for only a short time, however. While the Angori were willing to worship both Arimir and Asar as immortals at first, this ended suddenly when Arimir actually ascended. Unlike the people of Kalf-Gi, Angori do not observe dynastic traditions; their loyalty belongs only to those who earn it, typically through show of strength. Taking her cue from Arimir himself, Asar began a campaign to slay or enslave any who refused to revere her. Resolving to confront Arimir, Asar eventually turned to the dark arts as a way to achieve immortality; whether through choice or by association she ascended as Hexadus, Lady of Tyranny and Sadism, an immortal of the Pit.


While ascending shortly after Arimir, the oldest of the Ascendants, Hexadus does not have nearly as much influence with most mortals; due to her evil nature and being largely forgotten by history.

She does not have many true allies, largely working with other immortals as a matter of convenience when their goals align. The closest thing to an alliance she has is with her sister, Hursisa, though the two often quarrel with each other. She will ally herself with the other immortals of the Pit, Dhuroscht, Etejeril, or Syflare, if they serve a mutual goal, though her pride almost rivals Syflare's own. As slavery is legal in the eyes of Ressik, they can be allied. The lost knowledge and secrets of Kalf-Gi sometimes make her an associate of Secronus. She is often in conflict with Antasia, Avaren, and Istensia due to their views on life. Hexadus is often in open conflict with Lemesin wherever they meet, due to her fiendish nature and their opposing views on tyranny and slavery. Lastly, Hexadus has a deep-seated hatred for Arimir.



Preach the dominion of Hexadus to all, that they may pay her proper tribute. Punish those who refuse her rightful rule. Dominate those who are below you, it is the natural order that they should serve you. Exert control over your domain. Everyone has a breaking point, find it and use it to place them under your heel. Keep your foot on the neck of those who serve you. Spare not the whip.


Followers and Temples

All those who follow Hexadus seek power. To hold dominion over something is to control it. Lowly slavers and authoritarian rulers both owe her their respect and allegiance.

Public temples to Hexadus are rare in most areas. Smaller shrines and symbols bearing the crook and flail are more common, and used among her followers to identify each other. In Sirison, those who revere Hexadus are known to construct elaborate obelisks, concealing an internal oubliette, within which they place offerings to the Queen of Chains. Within the slave markets of Sardia there are some temples, but the largest is in the ruined city of Neleron, in Angor. It is said the slavers of Neleron are most blessed by Hexadus, and that she is the reason the Angori have never been able to clear out their hidden city.