Within every heart beats an endless struggle between opposing forces: Good and evil, right and wrong, joy and sorry, love and hate. Formed from the remnants of two warring Dragons, Drathenix embodies that battle of unified opposites. Those in his following are either born of such forces or else seek to master them.


Before the Shattering, the immortal known as Drathenix was two separate beings. Thrinik, the Noble Drake, was a paragon of virtue and strength, revered far and wide by those with righteous hearts. Maledreck, the Tyrant Wyrm was infamous for his savagery and malevolence. Their children, the dragons, struggled ceaselessly in the blood feud between the two Ageless brothers.

During the Shattering, the two great dragons descended into Orn, casting off ages-old pacts of neutrality to settle their differences in a final confrontation. It is said that, as the world collapsed, each dealt a killing blow to the other. Just as the other Ageless Ones faded away, the great dragons embraced death as one. Their essences mingled and, rather than fade away altogether, united into a single being: Drathenix.

Despite the union, the two heads of Drathenix have never stopped warring with one another, trapped in an endless cycle of hatred without reprieve. Some say their constant battle stirs the Maelstrom itself, bringing forth earth quakes, tidal waves, hurricanes, and all manner of elemental destruction.


Conflict dwells within us all, and with each breath, we cast it out into the world. Embrace it. Allow your struggles to define you, and you will grow strong. Shrink from these struggles in fear, and you invite your own doom. Only by facing yourself can you learn who you truly are.

Followers and Temples

The followers of Drathenix often war amongst themselves. Dragon cults devoted to each head struggle with one another constantly, searching for a way to kill off the other while preserving their own. These often include more than a few sorcerers, who seek power in the turmoil of the two juggernauts, as well as savages, who follow their example of unbridled rage. Curiously, the service of Drathenix also attracts many monks, who contemplate the immortal's constant struggle in an effort to achieve balance and serenity within themselves.

Temples devoted to Drathenix are almost always found within natural caves. These often include large altars, most devoted to a single head, although temples devoted to the Immortal as a whole are becoming increasingly common. Smaller dragons will often serve as guardians within these caves in exchange for tribute from those who come to pay reverence.