Knowledge is power, perhaps the greatest power of all. Those who esteem knowledge above all else revere Drakerim, who tends to the Flame of Knowledge that lights the future for all of Orn. He most often appears as an ancient human clad in ornate robes of blue and silver.


The immortal Drakerim has no origin by mortal reckoning, and most agree that he is far too old to be one of the Ascendants. Scholars do speculate, however, that he has walked the lands of Orn on many occasions and in many guises. His first such appearance was as the human soldier Kreilos during the Age of Wonders. Posing as his own mortal son, Drakerim sowed the seeds of arcane magic in the realms of men. He is also said to have appeared as the elven wizard Geddimus Blackthorn, performing deeds of equal greatness before departing from Orn once again.

As one of the most ancient immortals in Orn, Drakerim has eons-old relationships with many of the other immortals. It is also said that the other immortals of magic, Banekeril, Muralakrum, and Secronus (known collectively as the Forsynteril), owe him allegiance, although what influence he exerts over them is unknown. Curiously, Drakerim also has long-standing alliances with Arimir and Thrinik, although the nature of his friendship with them is anyone’s guess. The only immortal specifically opposed to Drakerim is Ressik, who considers the Keeper of the Flame to be an obstacle to his perfect order.

No one is quite sure what became of Drakerim during the Shattering. Despite his apparent absence, some say his influence can still be felt, and that the remaining two members of the Forysnteril, Banekeril and Muralakrum, continue to carry out his wishes. Whatever the truth, it seems clear that he did not share the fate of so many other Immortals.


Knowledge is a powerful tool in the hands of those who can wield it. Teach those who wish to learn. Nurture the spark of magic wherever you find it. Seek out new insights and catalog them for the future. Never allow the ignorant to destroy that which they do not understand.

Followers and Temples

Followers of Drakerim refer to themselves as Keepers and commonly dress in simple robes of blue or gray. They are well-regarded as teachers and counselors, and can be found performing any duty that serves in the collection and/or dissemination of knowledge.

The followers of Drakerim rarely erect buildings to serve exclusively as temples, instead devoting their resources to the construction and operation of schools and libraries. Areas of reverence are usually little more than simple shrines within these structures, with services considered secondary to study.

Older temples of Drakerim can be found in ruins throughout Orn, echoing a very different form of reverence than is found in modern times. These structures are little more than circles of robed statues with an statue of Drakerim opposite the entrance. Whatever mysterious rites may have been performed at these shrines so long ago have since been lost to the sands of time.