Members of his dark cult whisper the name of Dhuroscht (pronounced “dyoorasht”) with fanatical reverence. Those few who have glimpsed the Herald of Twilight quake with fear at the memory, for he is a horrific fiend of inestimable size and malevolence. Blind and bloodthirsty, he seeks nothing less than the destruction of everyone and everything in Orn.


Dhuroscht is said to have been birthed out of Etejeril’s hatred of the light. He first appeared during the Vedrischtal as a sleepless tarrasque, ravaging the land with an insatiable thirst for destruction. His rampage continued unchecked until Lemesin himself appeared. The two did furious battle, with neither seeming to gain the upper hand. It is said that the devastation caused by their conflict tortured the land, gouging out great troughs in the earth and filling them with Dhuroscht’s vile blood. The battle raged on for weeks, until at last Lemesin smote the prince of fiends and carved out his black heart, rendering Dhuroscht’s powers greatly diminished. The site of their battle became the Great Marsh of Tarkalsys and the vile heart became the Stone of Twilight.

During the Shattering, perhaps sensing the end was at hand, Dhuroscht emerged from beneath Tarkalsys to wreak havoc anew. Lemesin likewise reappeared to clash with his ancient foe. Their battle, however, was cut short when the world was rent asunder, forcing both immortals to retreat.

Dhuroscht is perhaps the most hated among the immortals of Orn. His desire for vengeance against Lemesin is second only to his desire to reclaim the Stone of Twilight. Having been born from Etejeril’s darkness and hatred, Dhuroscht serves the Eternal Shadow with unwavering loyalty.


All of creation is a corruption of the original darkness, an unforgivable sin against the Eternal Shadow. Hear the call of the Herald and grace the blasphemers with the purity of destruction. Cleanse the land of light and life so that our brethren might rise up and reclaim their rightful place. Seek out and destroy the followers of Lemesin to the exclusion of all others, for theirs is the greatest of sins. Find the heart of the First and restore it to his breast so that all of Orn might bask in his unholy presence once again.

Followers and Temples

Those rare individuals twisted enough to devote themselves to Dhuroscht are a ghastly sight to behold. The Brethren of Dhuroscht “renounce the light” by ritualistically blinding themselves in an initiation rite called the Dark Rebirth. Despite this, Brethren have the disturbing ability to see normally, lending them a truly unnatural air. When they emerge from their dark confines to do their master’s bidding, they adorn themselves in robes of crimson and black.

Temples devoted to Dhuroscht are vile structures to behold. They most often appear as black, thorny spires that seem to jut straight up out of the earth. It is said that such temples are not built; they rend their way up from the Pit in a ritual that tortures the land itself. Unspeakable horrors await any who enter.