Time flows inexorably into the future, leaving history in its wake. Banekeril stands as the caretaker of this steady progression, and finds in his following those who catalog the past as well as those who divine the future.


Ironically enough, the Oarsman of the Ages is not himself ageless. Legend speaks of a mortal wizard by the name of Bane Locklore who discovered an unknown artifact of immense power and ascended to immortality during the Age of Wonders. As his portfolio transcends time itself, however, many wonder whether any age can be attributed to Banekeril, or if he in fact forged the artifact and thereby created himself.

As one of the immortals of magic, Banekeril serves Drakerim alongside his counterparts Muralakrum and Secronus. He is also allied with Mynra and Ivelis, who share Banekeril’s interest in the future.


The present is fleeting; the past and the future, infinite. Study that which has come to pass, that you may understand the present and your place in it. Gaze into the future, that you may come to know your destiny. The world is but a stone, this day but a single drop, adrift in the River of Ages. Through its waters are all things made clear. Drink deeply of its wisdom, for eternity awaits you.

Followers and Temples

Those who dedicate themselves to Banekeril's teachings are known as banesages, and renowned the world over as great historians and prophets. Many take to scholarly pursuits, studying, chronicling, and preserving lost histories in vast libraries. Others wander the world, seeking out the auguries of fate and guiding those who have been touched by extraordinary destinies.

Temples devoted to Banekeril take on a similar dual nature, featuring well-protected archives and man-made water features, such as wading pools or fountains. Often, these are built alongside temples of Drakerim, with the latter serving to complement the former with publicly-accessible libraries and schools.