The name of Arimir is feared and respected throughout Orn, for it is spoken in the prayers of the fiercest warriors to walk the lands. The Hammer of War appears as an Angori warrior of immense stature clad in armor forged from dragon bones and wielding a gigantic maul.


The history of Arimir is a well-documented tale of bloody conquest, which, according to many scholars, ushered in the Ascendant Age. Arimir began as an angori barbarian who traveled the land challenging the most powerful foes he encountered to test his strength. Eventually drawing together a band of fearsome followers, he single-handedly waged war on the human nations of Varalon. So devastating was his campaign that those he conquered named him Armageddon, the end of the world. Arimir eventually ascended to godhood by his own hand, becoming the penultimate archetype of his race.

According to some recent accounts, Arimir’s avatar has returned to Orn as a warrior known as Dargoth the Destroyer. This terror has reputedly waged devastation and slaughter on Varalon and Angor in a quest to reunite the scattered pieces of his legendary armor. This has caused a great deal of political and spiritual upheaval among the angori tribes, who seek to either oppose or unite behind this new being.

As the oldest of the Ascendants, Arimir has nearly as much influence as the ageless gods that came before him. He has long-standing alliances with both Thrinik and Maledreck, as well as a curious friendship with Drakerim. Due to his savage nature, however, Arimir is in frequent conflict with many other immortals, especially those devoted to order. He relishes in warfare with Lemesin and Githal, who share a respect for him as a worthy adversary if nothing else. Arimir is often in open conflict with Ressik wherever they meet, and so it is rare to find both revered in the same region. Lastly, Arimir has a deep-seated hatred for Hexadus, who seeks the enslavement and subjugation of the angori race.


Might makes right, and those who believe otherwise are weak. Obey none save those who can best you in combat. Seek out challenges to test and exceed the limits of your strength. Show neither fear nor mercy to your enemies. Let your furious battle cry resound with victory over the bodies of your foes.

Followers and Temples

Arimir counts many savages and warriors in his following. Most wear battle gear fashioned from fierce beasts, such as bears, lions, or even dragons, and carry gruesome trophies of their greatest kills.

Temples devoted to Arimir share the same brutal air as his followers, decorated with bones, pelts, or even severed body parts. Those not belonging to particular tribes or groups are usually built on former battle sites or in harsh, inhospitable climates to test the fortitude of their devotees.