In fury and mercy, nature is indiscriminate. Only those who make the wilds their home understand this, and they revere Antasia, the Mistress of the Wood. When she does not present herself in the form of a beast, Antasia appears as a beautiful but wild elven maiden.


By all accounts, the immortal Antasia is ageless. It is unknown whether or not she has ever taken direct action to influence mortal events to any particular end. As her followers declare, Antasia is responsible for every storm and sunrise, every harvest and famine, every birth and death. It may be, then, that her influence is so pervasive and indiscriminate as to appear to be the action of nature. Only the other immortals can know for sure how much of a hand Antasia truly plays in natural events, or whether there is even a distinction between the two.

Antasia is one of the immortals most beloved of elves, and so she shares a friendship with both Ferithisia and Drakerim. It is said that she also harbors an inconsistent romance with Banekeril, and that together the two maintain the natural order of Orn.

Like so many other Ageless Ones, Antasia faded from existence after the Shattering. No one can say what became of her, but as one of Orn's oldest and most powerful immortals, her following remains strong despite her apparent absence. Many who would otherwise revere her turn to Loreyza instead, a member of the Company of Seven who assumed stewardship of her domain. These two groups coexist peacefully, with many simply thinking of Loreyza as Antasia reborn.


Man or beast, all are equal in the wild. Do not look to civilization for safety, for the rain falls on the city dweller and the savage alike. Seek out the deep wilderness unblemished by mortal hands so that you might commune and understand the delicate balance of nature. Pay due respect to the cycle of life and death that sustains you, and oppose those who would pervert it to their own ends.

Followers and Temples

Despite having faded after the Shattering, Antasia still counts many druids and rangers in her following. Those who revere her favor animal skins and pelts in leu of woven cloths. They often appear wild or unkempt due to a closeness with nature that precludes personal grooming.

Temples devoted to Antasia are either located in outdoor areas such as cliff tops or wooded glens, or contained within naturally occurring structures such as caves. They commonly feature springs, trees, or stone arrangements decorated with druidic scripts.