The Age of Ascension

1,042 NB: The War of the Straights erupts between the kingdoms of Daithrus in Upper Metsar (near present day Tanfield Lea) and Dragonridge in Lower Metsar (near present day Dragon's Crest). A soldier named Thallius Draethus rises through the ranks of the Dragonridge army for superb tactics and skill at arms. He leads a flight of dragon riders in a surprise attack on Daithrus in the closing days of the war. At the climax of the battle, Muralakrum appears in the form of an ancient drake. Though his battle with Muralakrum leaves him forever changed, Thallius is victorious and ascends to immortality as Githal.

1,160 NB: An angori named Arimir quests in search of the pieces of ancient armor. As he travels, he gains reknown for never being defeated, even after fighting the Ageless One Espidrel. The scattered angori tribes unite under his banner and wage terrible war on the human kingdoms of Goria. His advance is finally halted when King Arvast the Gatekeeper constructs the Great Gate, but not before the entirety of Goria is lost to the angori. Arimir, the only conquerer to ever seize control of an entire continent, renames his prize Angor. Upon finding all pieces of his armor some years later, he ascends to immortality.

1,291 NB: Geddimus Blackthorn, avatar of Drakerim, appears in the elven capital of Nespania in Sardia and instructs the elves in High Magic in order to conceal their city.

1,416 NB: A group of bandits called the Maledrim, or "Red Marauders," ravage the desert kingdoms of Sirison. Their founder, an ixifar sorcerer named Sahk-Vorik, acquires a grimoire of High Sorcery known only as Rathousalah's Text. He and most of his band are wiped out when the power of the Text goes wild on the Night of Fallen Stars.

1,532 NB: A necromancer named Jeddit O'Jorramn rises in power in Lower Metsar. He commands a vast legion of the undead in a campaign to extinguish life from Orn. His campaign forever corrupts the Whisperwood, thereafter known only as Wraithwood. He uses Words of Undoing to craft his grimoire, the Emotidilium, and his pipe. Upon discovering the bound essence of an unknown Ageless One, he ascends to immortality.

1,607 NB: In response to the powermongering of the Silver Council and the unrivaled devastation of mages such as Jeddit O'Jorramn and Sahk-Vorik, a movement called the Way of the Pure quietly begins to grow on the continent of Sardia. At first a simple philosophy of avoiding magic, its followers become more militant over time and begin actively purging magic wherever it is found. A hero named Ressik rises through their ranks and ascends to immortality through unknown means.

1,740 NB: Nimera DesMarta takes over as head of the Silver Council, purging corruption and re-establishing order. She drives the Council to pursue philanthropic works and noninterference in government, principles that are later used in the establishment of the Kingskeepers. She becomes very popular among the common folk and is often depicted in artwork from that period.

1,825 NB: A knight errant named Shimosh Rosequartz gains renown for hunting down and slaying fiends throughout Upper Metsar. During a fight with the pit lord Azgamesh, he is badly maimed. He later learns magic and crafts crystalline prostheses to replace his ruined arm and eye, thereafter founding the Knights of the Crystal Fist to carry on the tradition of combining sorcery and steel in the crusade against the Pit. His legacy in Upper Metsar secured, Shimosh departs for distant lands in search of the fabled Prince of Fiends, eventually finding his quarry in Tarkalsys. His battle with Dhuroscht lasts seven days and scars the land, which later becomes the Great Marsh. At last, he smites the fiend and uses the blade called Fiendfrayer to cleave out its heart. Shimosh ascends to immortality as Lemesin, Dhuroscht retreats into slumber, and Dhuroscht's heart becomes the Stone of Twilight.

1,968 NB: The sorceress Mymakry founds the city of Gateway (present day Jerascht) atop a mysterious wellspring of magic. Through exposure to the sacred energies of the Prime, she becomes capable of healing any illness and granting good fortune to those she touches. The secluded kingdom of Gateway enjoys an unprecedented era of abundance under the rule of its benevolent queen. Near the end of her long life, Mymakry ascends to immortality as Mynra.