Prestiges & Stigmas

Some stories can result in lasting changes to your character's social status. These are represented by prestiges and stigmas, which can be obtained in one of three ways: Immortal blessings, bravo awards, or story and roleplaying. Stories where this is possible must be approved by the artistic director.


A prestige is a special honor, title, station, or standing that distinguishes your character in society.

  • Prerequisites. To qualify for a prestige, you must meet certain ability and story requirements. For example, aspiring paladins must have a Share combat ability, an Inspect Evil narrative ability, and complete the paladin trials. Losing any of your prestige's prerequisites will result in losing the prestige.
  • One at a Time. You may only gain one prestige at a time. If you unlock a new one, you automatically lose the old one.
  • Ethos. Each prestige has a certain set of roleplaying requirements that must be followed. For example, paladins may not deceive others and must grant mercy to enemies who ask for it. Flagrantly or repeatedly violating your ethos may result in losing your prestige, at the discretion of the artistic director.
  • Bonus Narrative Ability. Each prestige grants a single bonus narrative ability to reflect the prestige's role in society and the difficulty added from upholding its ethos.

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Stigmas are villainous species or conditions that are typically used in place of a race to build monsters, but may be unlocked for use on characters.

  • Approved Stigmas Only. Only stigmas specially tailored for use on characters and approved by the gamemaster may be unlocked. These stigmas may not grant more than one passive ability, grant a stigma-only passive (Reduce/Immune Hits Until Critted or Reduce/Immune Non-Crit Damage), or apply a flaw that would make a character unplayable (e.g., Always Decaying, Always Frenzied, Always Snared, Small). Their descriptions must include details on gaining the stigma and additional costuming.
  • Requires Race Revision.¬†Stigmas work much like races but grant more abilities in exchange for flaws. Unlocked stigmas become options when revising your character's race. As such, applying them is always voluntary, is normally performed between events, overwrites previous racial abilities, and costs an amount of karma equal to half your character level, rounded up.
  • Permanently Flagged. As the word stigma implies, monsters are rarely welcomed by society. Characters with a stigma must start every event flagged for PvP.

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