Factions & Standing

Factions are groups of non-player characters who sponsor quests and post bounties for treasure. Completing these requests affects your standing, a score representing your relationship with the group. Good standing often benefits you when roleplaying with members of a faction, and grants you access to purchase rare recipes, mounts, and vehicles from the faction's shop, items that are often unavailable any other way.

Your standing with a faction always starts at zero. Writers select which faction's standing is affected by a story, if any. Narrators rate the story's outcome on a scale equal to its karma reward (e.g., an adventure is rated between -4 and 4), with a higher rating reflecting a more favorable or successful outcome for the faction. Each participant's standing is raised or lowered by this amount.

Unlike quests, which may decrease your standing, bounties always increase it by an amount equal to half the value of the item donated, rounded down.