Like a pat on the back or a round of applause, Bravos are a way to cheer on your fellow players. Every time you attend an event, you receive three Bravo tags with your character sheet. These are useless to you, but can be given to other players who do something to make the game more fun.

For instance, you might give a Bravo to a player for a great costume, immersive roleplaying, exceptional storytelling, being helpful, or even cracking a hilarious joke. You can't claim your own Bravos, more than one Bravo from the same player in a single event, or Bravos from an event you did not attend or write content for, but otherwise, there's no restriction on who you give them to or why. They are a tool to incentivize the behaviors you believe make the game more enjoyable.

Each Bravo you claim increases your lifetime Bravo score. So long as you claim them within two weeks of the event, Bravos also work much like raffle tickets, giving you one chance to win one of several awards. Likewise, each Bravo you claim in a year is one chance to win a grand prize at the end of the year.

Monthly Awards

If you win the monthly Bravo raffle, you can choose from one of the following awards:

  • Faith. One immortal of your choosing receives 20 faith.
  • Fortune. You receive 20 fortune.
  • Free Food*. The game will pay for all of your meals with the designated cook for the next event.
  • Free Respend. You receive a free class, race, or trade respend.
  • Gear. Your character receives a piece of quality three equipment or an improvement of level five or lower.
  • Gold. Your character receives 40 gold.
  • Prestige or Stigma. Your character unlocks an approved prestige or stigma of your choosing. If you choose a stigma, you also receive a race respend to that stigma.
  • Waived Game Dues*. Your game dues are waived at the next game event.

* - These awards must be claimed for the next scheduled game event on the calendar, not the next event you attend.

Yearly Grand Prizes

If you win the yearly Bravo raffle, you can choose from one of the following grand prizes:

  • Ex Machina. You may ignore a single draw from the fate deck at any point in the future. You may draw first before choosing to exercise this privilege.
  • Level Up. You receive an amount of bonus XP equal to the minimum for your current character level and the minimum for the next character level. For example, a 10th-level character receives (352 - 300 =) 52 XP.
  • Lore or Story. You can request the personal attention of the Artistic Director for a special lore article or story.
  • Three Awards. Rather than a grand prize, you receive any three of the monthly awards listed above.