Units of Time

Game events are divided into several four-hour shifts (usually Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, and Saturday evening). Shifts are used to schedule content and coordinate den duty. Every player is required to sign up for at least one shift of den duty per event. The only exceptions are players who are attending for a shift or less and players performing specific staff duties.

Shifts are separated by one-hour breaks, during which time the den is closed and game content is not run. Breaks are used for meal times and treasure draws, and offer flagged players a chance to go out of play. They also mark when your character’s supplies are replenished.

Your character’s spirit and equipment, on the other hand, replenish every time you rest. You do this by crossing one arm over your chest and counting out a minute. Certain game abilities may prevent you from resting, or allow you to rest in less time. Your rest is interrupted if you’re hit during this time.