Smoking is a privilege; not a right. If you smoke, you must observe the following rules.

  • Smoke only in designated smoking areas. These are usually marked with signs and include communal butt cups. In camp Lapihio, where most events are held, this includes the loading dock in front of the tavern, the tree next to the dragon's den, and the fire pits in the Lakes, Hills, and Oaks units. The Pines unit is reserved as a smoke-free area.
  • Smoking may also be allowed in your cabin. It is not if any of the cabin's other occupants express that preference or if the cabin is in the Pines unit.
  • Leave no mess. All butts and boxes must be disposed of in a trash can or butt cup. Do not throw them in fire pits or leave them sitting out in cans or bottles.
  • No fighting while smoking. Lit cigarettes are dangerous and must be put out before you can engage in combat.
  • A cigarette is not a white headband. Despite the fact that you can't fight while smoking, smoking areas are not out of play; you are only out of play if you have a white headband on as well. Consequently, players must still observe the restrictions on going out of play for competitive play if they apply.
  • Any inhaled product qualifies. These rules apply to cigarettes, cigars, pipes, vaping devices, hookahs, etc.

Failure to follow these rules will result in disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion from the game. Ownership reserves the right to ban smoking entirely if these rules are regularly violated.