Part of the fun of a fantasy LARP is dressing up as your character. A good costume can help you get into the proper mindset and enhances everyone else's fun. When planning your costume, please adhere to the following rules:

  • Your clothing must be appropriate to a medieval fantasy setting. This means no blue jeans, wrist watches, branded sneakers, branded T-shirts, baseball caps, or similarly anachronistic attire. Preferred articles of clothing include tunics, vests, cloaks, wrap pants, kilts, leather boots, and the like. When in doubt, ask yourself whether or not you would fit in with the actors at a Renaissance fair. If the answer is yes, it's probably okay.
  • If you play a race other than human, you must meet the additional costuming requirements for your race, such as prosthetic wings for fae or horns for angori. See individual race entries for more details.
  • You must have appropriate coverage. Pants, shorts, skirts, and kilts are acceptable bottoms; bikinis, boyshorts, hipsters, thongs, speedos, and loincloths are not. Likewise, bodices, corsets, and sports bras are acceptable for women's tops; ordinary bras are not. As a rule of thumb, if it came from the underwear section or would get you thrown out of a store, it's not enough coverage.
  • You must wear shoes that are suitable for heavy activity. Footwear such as high heels or sandals may cause injury.
  • You are free to be out of costume while you are out of play. Appropriate coverage and safe footwear, however, are required at all times, whether or not you're in play.