Global Standards

The following standards apply to all game content, regardless of type.

  • Above all, safety first. Game mechanics may never, whether directly or indirectly, influence or promote an environment or situation that would dissuade players from safety.
  • Keep it clean. Content that is sexually explicit, excessively profane, obscene, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate is prohibited.
  • Do not plagiarize. It’s fine to take inspiration from other places, but outright copying is prohibited.
  • Do not spam. Occasional offers or recommendations that are relevant to player interests are permissible, particularly when the product or service is provided by an active player rather than a business. Blatant advertising and self-promotion constitute spam and are prohibited.
  • Keep it appropriate to the setting. Orn is a medieval fantasy setting. Minor segues to related genres, such as steampunk or horror, are acceptable, but anachronisms and other content deemed inappropriate to the setting are prohibited.
  • Owners have the final say. Even if you follow all of the content standards, it's still possible to submit something ownership doesn't consider appropriate for the game. All content is subject to owner review and veto. When this occurs, the content standards will generally be updated to reflect the new guidance.