The balance between nature and civilization is vital to allow life to continue to flourish. Those who seek to maintain that balance and travel safely through dense elements follow Kelvaros, the Storm Shadow, for protection from those dangers. He appears as a tall elf with animated tribal markings emitting a ghostly glow in humanoid form; who shapeshifts into a large crow with a heavy mist flowing from it's down. His symbol is a dreamcatcher formed from a half-moon.



Kelvaros was born in the terranesti tribe of Willowreath, upon Wilt's Rise in Rastemier. While his birth name is lost to history, due to his tribe's tradition of youth choosing a new name upon adulthood, the main people who came to know of him called him Corellus. He's known for different paths he has walked in his life. He once walked the path of piracy seeking liberation and freedom, feared under the moniker "Undertow." He was also known afterwards within the Paladins of the Crystal Fist, knighted as "the Brave" for his steadfastness in battle. Those who knew him closely knew he was constantly questioning his own actions, attempting to find the best way to prevent further disaster and disarray. This caused him to leave both former professions, feeling they both were confining to a code he never believed in, and span the shards whether alone or accompanied in a need to shake a karmic debt.


He once had close ties to Thareon, who he knew in his mortal life as a fellow paladin, and often leaned on for advisement. He also had allegiances with Avaren and Kragg who helped with his trouble in faith and trust. With previous ties to Syflare and Ivelis before they cancelled one another out, he feels the need to try uphold their positions for the time being. As an elf, his family has had strong ties to Ferithisia despite her fading after the shattering, as well as Loreyza whom he and his family gave offerings to to appease the edicts in Rastemier. As Hexadus resembles enslavement and Hursisa resembles disease, both are regarded with disdain from him. Ressik, and in turn Secronus, represents the worse of what civilization has to offer and as such are both prime enemies.



Life is necessary. Death is necessary. While a natural cycle may be paused, it must not be stopped indefinitely. Respect the earth like your flesh, respect the wind like your breath, respect the water like your blood, respect the fire like your spirit. May those who threaten to corrupt the natural order seek redemption or face execution based on their intent.


Followers and Temples

Kelvaros' followers are of two paths, whether the guardians of nature's balance, or the judges of death's balance.

Those who embrace an element in the dogma for the purpose of guarding the boundaries of nature are called Conservators. They respond to threats to catastrophe caused by interference from civilization, as well as anomalies that would threaten civilization.

Those who walk the bridge between life and death based on moral intent of those who use and abuse necromancy are called Vindicators. They observe and assess whether the reasoning behind known users of necromancy are a threat to nature or society, and cull the threat by any means necessary.

Aside from those paths, Kelvaros also has allegiance with the Dalin En'Farim, a secret organization of mystical assailants who once carried out tasks as an extension of Ferithisia before the shattering. The traditions are that members are chosen elves who must have their positions passed down from a former member, and that members are referred to as a specific bird of prey their spirit is attuned to. Membership is also granted by the presiding deity if their discretion and efficiency are of enough merit for justification.

Kelvaros' temples are referred to as rookeries used for housing ravens and doves for messages.

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