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Goblin's Due: Shared Concerns

Abell was accosted by two ruffians recently about his past life as someone named 'Grimwald'. Skinner, their friend and ally from Begrudge, has heard of the encounter and seeks Abell and friends to try and see what help they can be.


HELP: "Spanner's Gone Missing" [Level 17]

Dear Jastreyan's,

The Spanner's Guild has lost a total of three groups attempting to assist the people of Goa as many of their scouts and caravans have gone missing in the mountains to the East. We have sent groups to try and address this concern, but they have not returned. We have sent this request to the adventurers of Jastrey to pick up were we have failed.

Please send your strongest and assist the people of Goa. We will transfer the reward for the task to any able to complete the task. Attached is the heading used by our spanners before their disappearance.

-The Spanner's Guild


Storm and Shadow

A cat with long, black-and-white-striped fur has taken up a perch in the rafters of the Shady Corner; observing the patrons and staff with a keen interest, particularly whenever they emerged from the kitchen with food.


Cornelius Coppledrop's Cullinary Combine

A small pumpkin-shaped construct with no arms, bearing a childish rendition of a gap-toothed grin walks into the tavern. A familiar voice to some echoes from somewhere within the small automaton. “Jastrey! It’s me! Dr. Cornelius Coppledrop MD, PhD, JSD, Esq, MBA! Come quickly, I’ve found a new power source AND found the solution to Orn’s Agrarian and Culinary problems!”


The Dragons: Fyrebrand

The doors to the Shady Corner swing open as a man stumbles in. He is ragged, dirty, horribly wounded and bleeding profusely; staggering in several paces he reaches out, speaking raspy, barely audible words, "The caravan... fire... above... death... dying... screams... blood..." before collapsing to the floor.


Manners Maketh Monster

Found amongst your belongings is an official letter sealed with wax. Upon reading the letter there seems to be a ball of some sort and the illustrious adventurers of Jastery are happily invited to such an event. The caveat? Mind Your Manners. Your life depends on it.


The Ballad of Rex D. Marksley: The Shootist

Rex D. Marksley seeks to remedy the collapsing of the Gates of Judgment. Who will answer the call to stand against the perils of the Nether, the evildoers who have been barred from damnation, and the machinations of the Twin, Xavros? Saddle up and prepare to bear arms against the ghosts of Gatetown!