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She Will Be Found: The Search for Antasia

It has come to light that Antasia is being held captive by Loreyza in the primal domain Leafheart. Thomlyn is honor- and pact-bound to see the Mistress of the Wood restored at all costs. His ally Ser Phineas the Keen will run a tandem mission in the mortal realm to help ensure success for Thomlyn’s prime-bound forward party. She will be found.



Goblin's Due: Sharing a Pint

After returning to Jastrey with the wasteskimmer, and with promises from the Benevolent Society to assist with repairs, Skinner makes good on their promise to share a pint with their new friends.


Mischief in the Sewers

Reports of children going missing and goods being stolen in the night have spread through the local townsfolk. Others report hoards of rats fleeing the sewers, and shadowy figures stalking the night. A notice has been issued by a collection of concerned citizens to seek help:

"Adventures wanted! The streets and sewers of Jastrey have become a haven for unscrupulous forces that plague the daily lives of merchants and townsfolk alike. As such, the people of Jastrey call upon the adventurers who live here; find a group of adventures willing to delve into the sewers, discover the fate of the missing children, recover any stolen goods, and destroy the source of these disappearances. A reward has been collected and is offered if the missing children are rescued and returned safely.
Small Justice."

[Warning: Children in peril.]


Rendered Flesh

A dark cloaked Uordeq enters Jastrey, smiling maniacally as he waltzes through town. He will stop and merrily chat with any who stop to engage him.