Roleplay Cinematics

Roleplay Cinematics

Roleplay Cinematics are content that is written specifically for use in roleplay threads on the website. They must adhere to the same Content Standards that apply to all content, in addition to the following.

Naming conventions. A roleplay cinematic should share the name of the roleplay thread with "[Roleplay]" appended to the end.

Clear Purpose. A roleplay cinematic needs to have a clearly defined purpose and be story relevant.

Information. Any named NPCs, major information, plot points, or lore must be included in the submitted content.

Guidelines. Content should be written in as direct a manner as possible. The exact presentation will be given by the Narrator based on the guidelines and information provided in the content.

Narration. As Roleplay Cinematics are not standard content, they require permission from the Artistic Director.



The Roleplay Cinematic for "A Crow's Plea [Roleplay]".

The associated forum, "A Crow's Plea".