Bounties are content that is written specifically for players to participate in during Open Play to earn improved Treasure Draws. They must adhere to the same Content Standards that apply to all content, in addition to the following.

Bounty Board. The hooks for approved bounties will be printed and posted to the bulletin board in the tavern. Unlike other story formats, this hook must include the level of the bounty.

Assemble Party. During open play on Saturday afternoon, players can form small parties of up to five. No character in the party can be more than three levels higher than the bounty's level. You're welcome to bring fewer party members or take on bounties of higher level if you so choose.

Claim Bounty. Bring your party and the bounty notice to the Dragon's Den. As soon as monsters are available and prepped, you will play out the story. Bounties typically involve a scene to locate the target of the bounty and another scene to obtain or eliminate it. It is entirely possible that you can fail at either step, in which case the bounty gets put back on the bulletin board.

Rewards. If you complete the bounty, every member of your party gets to draw treasure at dinner as if you got an exceptional adventure outcome. Note that this doesn't stack, meaning you can participate in other bounties but get no additional reward.



The Bounty for "WANTED: "Hoghead"".