April 2016 Den n' Dine

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Join us for the game's first "Den n' Dine," a casual day of open play game content. We'll meet at shelter #1 at the Crabtree Creek entrance starting at 8:00am, though you can check in at any time. We'll set up a minimal Dragon's Den and run random monsters, encounters, spawn points, and (possibly) re-runs of old adventures for willing pickup groups.

There's no opening ceremonies, no scheduled content, no tutorial (sorry new folks), no admission fee, no XP, and no treasure draw beyond what you loot in open play. Those volunteering for den duty will receive double the normal boon award for their time. A catered lunch will be provided to all players free of charge. There are restrooms but no electricity available at the shelter. We may cancel or reschedule if the weather is inclement.

Please RSVP so we know what character sheets to print. The scheduling options you select are irrelevant; we'll determine this on the fly.